Wednesday, July 11, 2012

10k and a Half Marathon...

I ran 10k on Sunday! I Did It!

I ran it in 1 hour 22 minute and 4 seconds.... I am still in a wee bit of pain from it, but it was awesome... April and I ran for 15 minutes then walked for 1 minute the whole time. It was hard but I felt so accomplished when I finished. We finished together, holding hands as we sprinted across the finish line. It was a good day!
The Results

Now, I just signed up (like an hour ago) for  the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February! Yikes!
I am running to cure Rett Syndrome... there is a donate button on the sidebar here that you can donate to the cause --------------------->
every little bit helps and keeps me motivated to run those 13.1 (21k)... and belive me, I will need all the help I can get!!!

And just look at this face- how could you say no to this face???

Thursday, July 5, 2012

New Orleans, Training & Goals...

You guys, I went to New Orleans last month for a Rett Syndrome  conference. It was amazing to meet other moms and other girls who have Rett Syndrome just like my daughter. I learned a lot, and I ate a lot... I really tried to be good- until the first night... food in New Orleans is awesome! I figured I would try to make smarter choices while not denying myself the tasty, scrumptious food they have there. Mmmmmmm Creole!
So because of this food I gained 8 lbs while I was gone- totally worth it though! I had almost made my goal of 167 by June. I was at 167.8, but then now I am back up in the 170's. But its okay. I am now back into the swing of things and getting ready for my 10 on this Sunday (July 8) and for the Mud Hero race on the 22nd!

the weight it wrong but everything else is right
My friend and I went out running on holiday Monday and we decided that because we both slacked a little (her) and a lot (me) while I was gone we wanted to see just if we would be able to even do 10k. SO we set out in fish creek park and ran....and ran.... and ran.... we did our Bridge to 10K app and just reset it when we got to the end and started over until we made it 10k... well we actually went a bit longer than 10k- almost 11k and then we walked for 10 minutes back to our car. I was so proud of us- we actually did stand honestly, besides being sore the next day I wasn't dead by any means.

Then last night we ran again but just did the program once, which is about 45 minutes of running (15 min run, 1 min walk x 3) and it was still hard but again, we did it. Its funny to think back to when I could barely run for 3 minutes and 6 seemed impossible!!

So I have made myself a goal for the month of July. I am going to lose 10 lbs and get rid of 100 things.
Right now I weigh 171.8 and by the 30th of July I will weigh 161.8 (if not less). My kids will be gone for a week so during that week I will be living at the gym or in fish creek or whatever I can do to get my butt in gear- plus its a bonus the 2 races I will be doing this month won't hurt in the weight loss process!
As for the 100 things. I've been reading some blogs about people who purge 100 things a month- I bet I have enough stuff to do that but I am starting small. 1 month, 100 things. I figure I probably have about 30 pieces of clothing- if not more I can get rid of so I'm already a third of the way there!!

So I will check back in and let you know how things are going. 10 lbs. 100 things. Changing my life!!