Wednesday, July 11, 2012

10k and a Half Marathon...

I ran 10k on Sunday! I Did It!

I ran it in 1 hour 22 minute and 4 seconds.... I am still in a wee bit of pain from it, but it was awesome... April and I ran for 15 minutes then walked for 1 minute the whole time. It was hard but I felt so accomplished when I finished. We finished together, holding hands as we sprinted across the finish line. It was a good day!
The Results

Now, I just signed up (like an hour ago) for  the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February! Yikes!
I am running to cure Rett Syndrome... there is a donate button on the sidebar here that you can donate to the cause --------------------->
every little bit helps and keeps me motivated to run those 13.1 (21k)... and belive me, I will need all the help I can get!!!

And just look at this face- how could you say no to this face???

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