Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm back...

Hello to any of you who still may be following this blog. In case you hadn't realized that I tend to shy away from blogging when I'm not doing the best.

I am still stuck in the 169-172 plateau that I've been on for the last few, well, months. I know the answer is get back to eating the way Dr. Morgan told me to and get back to the gym regularly.
So I am trying.

I actually signed up for the Mothers Day run & walk on May 13th- its a 5k. My first ever. This wasn't supposed to happen until August when I run the Spartan Race but my good friend just returned from school out in Halifax and we have become workout and running buddies.
Actually tomorrow we are going to try to do a practice 5 k in her community while her mom watches Owen.
I don't run outside, I never have. Until monday, I tried and man its hard- I remember someone telling me that running outside is easier than on a treadmill but I beg to differ. On my treadmill I have music, TV and no hills. Outside its hot, hilly and boring. But, after using GPS I was thrilled to learn that I had gone just over 2 miles and a 5k is 3.1 miles- So I am a little more okay with possibly not dying while running on the 13th!

Well, wish me luck for tomorrow and the 13th! I will try harder to post more often and hopefully it will be good news more often than not.

ps. I am now on monthly visits for my BIA so I will be posting that next one right before I leave for Mexico!!!! yay!

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