Wednesday, June 13, 2012

5k and BIA...

I am really not great at blogging- good thing it's not my job!!

So I have been trying really hard the last month or so... except for when I went to Mexico on a much needed vacation without the kids!

But before Mexico I was training with my good friend April to run the Mothers Day Run and Wlk here in Calgary- I probably didn't train as hard or efficiently as I should have but I still ran it- and I ran the whole way! I was so proud of myself because there were multiple times throughout the run that I thought "I'm just gonna walk for a bit--no Tanis, don't walk! Wait a little bit longer" and I kept waiting and then I saw the finish line and even though it was forever away I couldn't justify walking when I could see it- though at times my run was barely faster than the walkers beside me!!
But I finished and my time was 41:33- not too shabby for a first timer!

I'm the out of focus one in the corner- but look I'm smiling!! Ok, so I smiled any time I saw a camera so in case they took a picture I wouldn't look like I was dying!

So I went to visit Dr. Morgan again today and did another BIA test.
I'm actually proud to put this one up because I have made progress- no more stagnant results!
I have lost 3 pounds of fat!! See ya later FAT!!
fyi- on my scale I'm a lot prouder of myself since it reads that I weigh 168.8- I am back in the 160's!!! My goal for the month of June is to get to 167- I am so close you guys...
If I keep eating like I am and exercising like I am I know I can make it there and beat it... I just hope that when I go to New Orleans in a week (for a Rett Syndrome Conference) I don't let myself go too much. I am going to try really hard!

Plus, April has somehow convinced me to run a 10k on July 8th, and then we signed up for the Mud Hero run on July 22 and then I have signed up for the Spartan Race on August 18- I am going to either be so fit or dead by the end of summer!!
Lets hope it's fit!!

Oh and BTW I can now run for 30 minutes at a speed of 4.9 on the treadmill for 30 minutes without dying! I'm alternating upping my speed and lengthening my time - I gotta say April has been a great motivator in helping me through the rough patches of this journey... thanks April!!


  1. Go Tanis!!! Tracking results is so motivating because just when you feel like you're making no progress, bam, you've got the numbers to prove it.

    Keep it up and you will be wearing that super cute item we bought in no time! PS, you better let me know when that is!!

  2. Yeah, good job on your results and congrats on your race!

  3. Can't wait to see how well you do at the 10K! I'm signed up for one in August!