Saturday, March 24, 2012

Back on track??

Well this week I have followed Dr. Morgan's rules on getting my butt back on the treadmill.
I had my wonderful older brother come over on Thursday night to help move my 3-400 lb machine upstairs to the main floor so I would be more motivated and could watch my good tv with my pvr'd shows- anything to get my mind off the actual exercise!!!

Anyways, I've also been eating lots better and this morning I weighed myself and it read 169.6! The lowest weight I have been since before I got pregnant with Owen. And .2 lbs lower than I was before I fell off the wagon.

That is motivating and encouraging. I'm excited (or as excited as I can be about exercise) to get back on the weight loss track!

1 comment:

  1. Tanis you're a machine!!! I am so pumped for you and your transformation - esspecially your mental transformation! You're a serious inspiration to others, and I a so proud of you!!