Wednesday, March 21, 2012

urgh x 2

Ok, so the reason I haven't been blogging is first- my life is insane. and second- I'm embarrassed at my lack of progress and as of toady my set back :(

I can't for the life of me find my BIA test from Friday but here is my one from today.

I don't even want to go over the numbers. I'm quite upset with myself. Not that it is terrible, I mean I've technically only gained a few pounds but still, I am headed in the wrong direction!

I have realized that Mcdonalds is like crack cocaine for me- Once even a little bit is in my system it is SO HARD for me to stop. Though as of Saturday I haven't had any. A friend and I are doing a '12 step' program for my Mcdonalds addiction, she is my 'sponsor'.

I need to get back on track- I guess that has been my song and dance for the last couple posts hasn't it.
But seriously I do.
I did pretty good today. I need to go on the treadmill though and motivation is hard to find.
Dr. Morgan told me I have to go on it everyday for the next 7 days. So I guess I had better do it.
I think I need to move my treadmill upstairs so that I can watch my PVR'd shows while I walk/run because honestly it is so boring watching regular TV downstairs.

Ok. I'm headed to the treadmill.... lets hope I can get my act together already!

ps. Thanks for all the helpful tips and encouraging words either in the comments here or on FB or through my email. I really appreciate them all!!

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