Thursday, March 1, 2012

a day late...

I have to apologize to all of you faithful readers who were probably sitting in front of your computers all day yesterday just hitting refresh over and over waiting with baited breath for my weekly update. :)

I had to take Owen to the walk in clinic and it turns out the reason my little man has been a whiny, unbearable, fuss pot is because he has an ear infection that this morning turned into a ruptured eardrum that was leaking all out of his ear. He had this last month too- poor kid.

Anyways... Dr. Morgan was quite proud of me this weeks weigh in. At home on my scale I weighed 170.6 and on his scale I was at 178.5- almost back to where I was before I had that weekend of, never mind, I just googled what debauchery means and I did Not have a weekend of that :)
So here are the numbers for this weigh in...
Phase Angle - 6.9 up from 6.3 last week... definitely because I have been remembering to take my DHA fish oils each day!
Okay so my Fat Mass hasn't changed much but thats okay too. Its like on Biggest Loser when they have a week where they loose 1 pound or even gain no matter what how hard they worked out- or at least I like to think of it that way.
I did loose 3.7 lbs of Extracellular Mass, which is the amount of water found in your body outside of your cells- so I lost water weight which is wonderful.

And take a look at my ECM/BCM- if you remember from my explanation post you want it to be 1 and look at where it is.....tada!!!!

My BMI has gone down from 31 to 30.6 so I'm still technically in the obese category but only by .7 can't wait until I'm only in the overweight category!! And once I get down to 140 I will be in the normal weight category!!

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