Monday, February 27, 2012


So the weight I gained has been coming off again- yippee! This morning I weighed in at 171.6.
Not as fast as I wanted it to, but to tell the truth I haven't been as diligent as I was at the very beginning. That's is going to change- I want and need to get back on track again- not that I was very far off, maybe just dipping my toes into the 'not so great at eating' pool.

I just signed up for a crazy 5K for August. It's called the Spartan Race and apparently I am going to feel like I'm dying as I do it? Thats what my brother says anyways (He is getting back into shape and doing it with me, or I'm doing it with him since he signed up first and told me about it)
It consists of obstacle courses and running and guys dressed up like spartans pummelling you with those giant foam gladiator Q-tip things. I'm a little worried.
But I'm signed up so either I will rock it or I will die trying :)

So because of my little cheating moments I think it is making it harder for me to run. I'm on week 4 of the 'Ease into 5K' running app and it goes like this:
5 minute warm up
4 min run
2 min walk
6 min run
3 min walk
4 min run
2 min walk
5 min cool down

Now this isn't much different from the week 3 routine which is run3, walk 2, run 90 sec, walk 2
which I could do fairly well, and not be totally dead after it, but since I started week 4 I haven't been able to finish a single one- and I've tried 3 times so far. That six minutes kills me every time and I can't do it no matter how hard I push myself. There is usually 3 runs a week, but I think I am going to be stuck here for a while, at least until I feel comfortable running 6 minutes. I hope its sooner than later. Though the runs just get harder and longer from here. By day 3 of week 5 it has me running for 9 minute stretches-yikes!

Maybe it's been hard since I have't been sleeping well, Owen doesn't sleep through the night and I've decided that when he gets up I'm not going to him anymore- but, since he is sleeping in my closet (its a big walk in don't worry) I have to head down to the couch which isn't great, and I am not sleeping great. Lets hope he learns to sleep through the night, I can get back into my bed and I'll be able to run better!


  1. Two things that helped when I was stuck on the running thing... Increase the amount of days you run, I did the program four times a week. The other thing that surprisingly helped me was to cut my warm up time in half sometimes. It would help me to run listening to a podcast instead of music, then I was focusing on what was being said and it distracted me. Even if you don't make it the full run time, just try to beat the previous one, even if it's only ten seconds. You can do it! It was just as hard for me in the beginning too, I thought I would die and I didn't always do it perfect but when I finished the program I got p to 45min without stopping and actually enjoyed it, you'll get there just don't give up.

  2. Good job tanis!!! I've tried that program too before and that is the exact same spot i always get stuck at... the 6 min run just kills me!!!!! Keep us the good work!