Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I got caught...

Alright, so I went in for my weekly BIA test and lets just say that right away Dr. Morgan could tell that I had not been as adamant about my walking. I am supposed to walk briskly for at least 30 minutes a day- and that is the bare minimum - and well, last week, I can honestly say I don't know how many times I walked but it wasn't very many. Though if I'm counting wednesday to wednesday since thats when I meet with Dr. M, then I guess I know for sure of 1- Monday. Yikes. I am almost ashamed to put my BIA on here. Not because it's horrible- it's not, I even lost 2 pounds (woot woot), but because I know I can do better and I didn't and it reflected in my results.

But in full disclosure here is my BIA results.... (sorry about the crumple- my son got to it!)

As you can see, my Phase Angle went down again.

My Fat Mass went up a little bit.

And my ICW percent went down.

Dang ME and my not walking~

The good thing is the 2 pounds lost- which brings me to 183.0 on Dr. Morgan's scale (and 175.0 on mine- I definitely feel better about my scale!)

That is a total of...... 5.5 lbs
(though on my scale it's 5.6 lbs- but then again, I weigh myself first thing in the morning, after I go to the bathroom, before I eat anything and without any clothes so it will always probably be a little more)

So I went to the gym on Monday and walk/ran for about a half hour and did some weights.
Yesterday I didn't do anything :(
Today I went to the gym and walk/ran again on the treadmill but I was short on time so I didn't get any weights in. I will try to do some free weights at home tonight after the kids go to bed.

I really shouldn't have any excuses, I own a treadmill and the weather hasn't been all that bad, I should be taking the kids out for a ride in the stroller.

Anyways, I promised Dr. Morgan that I would at least walk everyday (except Sunday) in this wed-wed block. So even if I just blog 'I walked today' or 'I ran at the gym' then I will be holding myself accountable and next week my numbers will be closer to where they should be!!

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