Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Weekly update...

This week was rough in the workout department but I did get in as much as I could considering the sick/teething children hurdle. 

So here is my print out from this weeks BIA test. (Sorry it's a bit grainy this time- I really should just start using my scanner, iPhone is just so handy)

As you can see I am now 180.5 lbs! Thats a total of 8 pounds lost in 3 weeks! 

Lets compare:

Fat Mass Day 1: 70.9 lbs
Fat Mass Day 21: 64.1 lbs

So I know thats technically a 6.8 lb fat loss, but still. that's almost 7 lbs of fat gone! Isn't that gross- I have 64 pounds of fat in my body-  35.5% of me is fat! Yuck!

Intracellular Water Day 1: 52.5%
Intracellular Water Day 21: 53.1%

That's up .6% getting closer to that 57% goal and farther away from my cells being like a senior everyday!

Phase Angle Day 1: 6.6
Phase Angle Day 21: 6.7

So not the best, improvement wise, considering I did go up to a 7.0 and then back down but improvement is improvement right.

BMI Day 1: 32.3
BMI Day 21: 31.0

Can't wait until I am not in the 'obese' category for that one!!

So these numbers definitely helped me to see that when I am stressed to my max (as I was this week) and have not gone to Mcdonalds or to get chocolate, that it is worth it. 

Isn't this a creepy picture - It's from Supersize Me
I don't know if I've explained before that Mcdonalds was my go to food when I was stressed. I didn't really want it. I knew it was bad for me and actually taking me farther away from where I wanted to be and was probably keeping me depressed and stressed. 
Yet, somehow I would find myself in the drive-thru ordering a Big Mac meal with Coke. There were even days that I am ashamed to say I went more than once, and some weeks where I would go pretty much every day- switching up which ones I went to so that the employees wouldn't recognize me. Such a thing an addict would do! I would also hide the fact that I ate it. I was embarrassed to be eating it, let alone eating it as often as I was.

So as you can see, me not having any Mcdonalds (or any fast food for that matter) is a BIG thing. Especially this week! 

Well, since my roommate isn't home and the kids have just gone to bed, I am heading downstairs to show my treadmill a little love. 

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