Wednesday, February 22, 2012


This weekend was not good. I am quite disappointed in myself.

On Thursday morning I weighed 169.8, I was so happy to be in the 160's even if it was only.2 lbs into it and I was really hoping not to get back up into the 170's. I went down south with my kids and on Thursday and Friday I was really good, I walked on the treadmill (I tried running but the treadmill was too hard or didn't have enough give or something because it hurt my knees so I walked instead.)

Then came Saturday- the day of the wedding. In the morning (breakfast) I was good, of course, but as the day went on and I was running around snapping photos and didn't eat when I should've and then when it was time for the reception they were serving soups (creamy ones and one vegetable pasta kind) and croissants with chicken salad on it. I decided I would have some of the vegetable soup and a croissandwich. It tasted so good- remember I have been craving bread!
Within an hour or so I started to feel gassy again. And then I ate some sweet stuff- fruit dipped in chocolate to be precise. I was tired and my defenses were down so I gave in.
Well, it didn't stop there, I ate more junk. I tried again to be good on Sunday and for most of the day I did really good. But then Monday came around and I blew it big time. My girls and I went to brunch and I had a sandwich and sweet potato fries and for dinner I had a Dairy Queen burger meal.

Can I just say first off, it didn't taste nearly as good as I remember them tasting, and secondly, for the rest of the day & night I felt like I was going to puke and had this heavy lump feeling in my stomach that just felt disgusting. Totally NOT worth it!
Plus, when I weighed myself yesterday morning I was back up to 175.0 lbs! SO not worth it!

Well, I went in for my weekly weigh in and here were my disappointing results.

I am back up to 180.5 (remember our scales are totally different) BOO!

My Fat Mass went up to 62.6- which is really only up 1.4 lbs, but I had worked hard to get rid of those 1.4 lobs, and I don't like losing the same weight again and again... I did that before Christmas- the same 6 pounds over and over- and I am done with that.

And look at my Phase Angle- 6.3 not cool!

But what I have learned from this is that now that my body is used to eating healthy it doesn't want to have all that junk in it. I felt sleepy and cranky and heavy and bloated and gassy and gross and.... well I think you get the idea.
Now I at least have that out of my system. I don't think I will be thinking about, craving, or wanting any burgers or junk food anymore. At least not for a loooong time. It just isn't worth it.
I like feeling good. I hate, hate, hate when I'm bloated and gassy.

Next weeks weight check will be better. Hopefully I can get those numbers back on track and I will be feeling thin and awesome again!

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