Sunday, February 5, 2012

update on the week...

Alright, so I took Dr. Morgans directions seriously. I went to the gym on wednesday after our meeting and did my couch to 5k program.

Then again on Thursday I made it to the gym- yay me! Couch to 5k walk/run program followed by some weight work in a circuit program.

Friday I didn't :(  
I know- but I am planning to go on a nice brisk walk today in the sunshine so I guess instead of taking Sunday off, I took Friday off.

Saturday I went again, but my calf cramped up pretty badly about 22 minutes into my walk/run session so I took it easy and spent a good amount of time stretching. It's still a little sore, but a lot better. This will not turn into an excuse to not exercise - NO EXCUSES!!

So I've also been doing really good with my eating. Actually getting some fruit into me - those who know me, know I am not a fruit person, it is not my snack of choice. I do like pineapple and grapes and I will eat fruit but its hard. I am not a berry fan (inset gasp here) I just don't like them. never have. probably never will. too many seedy bits and they all taste sour... anyways, but i have been eating grapes and apples and cherries.

I'm also on the lookout for a really good eggplant lasagna recipe. minimal cheese, most likely vegetarian since the cheese will take up a protein serving... anyone?? I may just have to experiment on my own if my google abilities fail me.

This picture came from a possible recipe I may try (with a few modifications)- so far it seems like a good one... Dr. M, what do you think of the recipe?

My scale this morning read 174.0- Another pound!! I love seeing the numbers going down knowing that I am not starving or depriving my body of nutrients it really needs.

On Thursday night I went out with three of my best friends. I've known these girls since 6th grade (except for one I've known my whole life). We went to Chilli's and before I went I looked up their menu so I would prepared and not have those delicious Southwest Egg Rolls staring me in the face as I tried to figure out what to eat. It was hard to not order them, but I was strong!

I ordered the Quesadilla Explosion Salad- with modifications of course. No cheese, dressing on the side, no tortilla strips. I let them bring me the cheese quesadillas that come with it just so I could take them home for my kids for lunch the next day. I also had them put some black beans on it since I needed my daily legume still. I had the citrus vinaigrette with it but I think next time I am going to ask for salsa instead- my friend did that with hers and it looked scrumptious!

It was yummy- definitely worth the money (unlike the other salad!) It was filling, delicious, and I will order that again if/when I go back.

I have had a lot of compliments on how good I am looking lately. I think part is because of the weight loss, part is because I am off my anti-depressants (yay me!) and the other part is I am just feeling really good and happy that I'm sure people notice that!

Wow, this post is a little bit all over the place, sorry. I just want to share one last thing.

On Friday night I went to a church function where they served us dinner. I wasn't sure what to expect but usually these are pretty healthy meals... It was, we started out with a spinach salad with apples pumpkin seeds and feta, with some raspberry vinaigrette. I ate it, knowing that the vinaigrette may have a bit of sugar in it and also knowing I hadn't had any protein yet that day so I could have a little bit of cheese and the chicken for the main course and be okay.

The main course was chicken (lightly breaded with panko I think) cooke carrots and peas and baby potatoes. I had three baby potatoes, as my category 2 vegetables (and a few carrot slices), and I scraped a bit of the breading off, but I couldn't get it all so I ate it. It was all mighty tasty, yet within about an hour I was feeling bloated and gassy. I hadn't really thought about it until then, that for these last few weeks I haven't been bloated and gassy like I usually was. Also, and this is probably TMI- but I have had regular bowel movements since starting eating this way too.

Okay maybe just one more thing...

People keep saying how hard it must be not to have carbs and sugar and chocolate - and it is sometimes, but I am loving the way I feel so it's not that hard. I do miss bread!  In church we have the sacrament where we get bread and water, and let me tell you I savoured that little chunk of bread for as long as I possibly could!!
But while I was nursing Owen he was pretty lactose intolerant so I stayed away from dairy and cheese for about 8 months and was fine. Chocolate, I miss that too, I like sweet things, but right now I would choose bread over chocolate, no doubt about it!

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